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Bienville Family Clinic Adds Patient Transportation Van

Bienville Family Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of patient transportation to its array of services offered to our patients. Last week, the clinic took delivery on a 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon. The van will be used to transport patients from home to the clinic, and back to their homes.

Randy McKinney, Bienville Family Clinic Administrator, stated this, "During my years as a Practice Management Consultant in the Department of Health and Hospitals, one of the concerns prevalent throughout all of Louisiana's rural communities was that of lack of access to medical care due to lack of transportation to and from medical appointments." McKinney goes on to say this, "We believe that by offering transportation to and from our clinic to the people of Arcadia and surrounding communities, we can have a significant impact on their health by improving access to healthcare; it makes perfect sense."

To schedule an appointment with Bienville Family Clinic providers, call 263-7970. Transportation arrangements will be made during appointment scheduling.

The van was purchased from Bienville Motors in Arcadia, the dealership offering the lowest quote for purchase of the van.

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